Window Focus Logger GUI


In situations when it is not clear which application steals the window focus, this free utility will tell you exactly which application is responsible for stealing the window focus. It also tells you if it’s an offscreen window and if the window has keyboard focus. All window focus events are captured in the window Focus Logger window where you can see the time, order, the application name and the main window name of the process. If you have found the responsible application name, you can take actions to prevent applications from stealing window focus. This GUI version is the graphical version of Window Focus Logger, which is more userfriendly.

Scope of this utility:
– Detecting and stopping window focus stealing problems.
– Logging of all window focus events activity on a Microsoft Windows computers during a custom time period.

– Graphical version of Window Focus Logger.
– Application can be given a custom running time.
– Application can be minimized/hide.
– Application starts within the system tray of the desktop.
– It tells you if the active window is offscreen and has keyboard focus.
– Process location is shown and go directly to the location. New
– The main window title is recorded if available.
– No installation required.
– Free utility.
– The download also contains the command-line version of this utility.

Version: Required: Microsoft .NET Framework 4 OS: Windows XP/7/2003/2008/10/2012/2016
Type: GUI-utility Download: Zip-file Added: 12-9-2014 Usage: Free for personal and commercial use

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There is also a command-line version of this utility. See this link for more information.

Version History

Application Update type Date Version Description
Window Focus Logger GUI Added 10-8-2019 Show and go to process location.
Window Focus Logger GUI Bug fix 12-9-2014 1.0.1 screensize problems on 125%.
Window Focus Logger GUI New application 6-20-2014 1.0 Added new graphical version of Window Focus Logger