PingHurry is a free visual ping tool with a flat and 3D graph window or console list overview. If your job requires to do connectivity checks several times a day, then this is the right tool for you. With PingHurry a ping/trace/reverse lookup/TCP port scan task is one hotkey away, just show/hide the PingHurry window by using the hotkey or system tray icon. It has several other features like zooming in the flat graph, IPconfig info, flush dns and a built-in TCP Port scanner (New) etc…. See the feature list for a complete overview.


Graph view Console view Port scanner Target history
PingHurry_GraphView_1.1 PingHurry_CommandView_1.1 PingHurry_PortScanner_1.1 PingHurry_History_1.1

Scope of this utility:
– Ping utility with great accessibility to work faster.
– People who run connectivity checks several times a day.

– Network administrators and power users.

– Ping results in 3D/flat graph with zoom function.
– Ping results in command view window.
– Several target tasks like trace/reverse lookup/RDP.
– Several local tasks like IPconfig/flush dns/route table info etc….
– Target autocomplete with 50 previous valid targets.
– Export Graph/Results to clipboard.
– Export all results to notepad (last 24H) or filter failed or ping times higher than a certain time. (New
– Custom timeframe and ping interval.
– Quick access to built-in Windows tools.
– System tray application.
– Autostart.
– Keyboard hotkey can be enabled.
– Custom hotkeys.
– Free utility.
– Portable version available.
– TCP Port scanner + TCP Port list viewer.
– Advanced Target History.
– Custom target button to launch the process of your choice with the arguments you want, launch for example VNC.
– New Target button Browser.
– Customizable on top feature.

The port list with it’s descriptions that is used, comes from the website “”. For more information click the following link.

Version: Required: Microsoft .NET Framework 4  or  higher OS: Windows 7/8/8.1
Type: GUI-utility Download: zip-file Added: December 2015 Usage: Free for personal and commercial use

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ersion History

Application Update type Date Version Description
PingHurry New feature Dec-2015 Export to Notepad updated with export complete/failed/custom ping times last day
PingHurry Bug fix Dec-2015 Changing interval on running job stops ping tasks
PingHurry Modification Dec-2015 Default and minimum value changed for time frame to 5
PingHurry New feature Dec-2014 1.1 Online help webpage
PingHurry Bug fixes Dec-2014 1.1 Several minor changes Window on top/fontsize/close button/bug fixes
PingHurry New feature Dec-2014 1.1 Custom Target button
PingHurry New feature Dec-2014 1.1 Port scanner
PingHurry New feature Dec-2014 1.1 Target History
PingHurry New release Dec-2014 1.1 Replaced 1.1 Installer and portable version
PingHurry New application Oct-2014 1.0 Portable version.
PingHurry New application Oct-2014 1.0 First public version. (Replaced version with Textual fixes and paste text in target solved)