AWU-Installer is a free portable tool to install Windows Updates from the Windows command-line. It will detect/download and install available updates instantly from a WSUS or Microsoft Update source. The application supports command-line parameters with several features to use the application for different situations. Use the application in a taskscheduler or System Management solution of your choice.

AWU-installer Example Adminscope

– Launch Windows update from the command-line.
– Use the application within batch-files/scripts to install Windows updates.
– Instant launch of Windows update process.
– Automate the Windows Update process within Taskschedulers or System Management tools.


Features Note
Check space Check the freespace on the system drive C:\ (5GB minimum) else skip updating. (Optional)
Delta Install a maximum of 50 updates at a time. (Optional)
Instant updating Start the update process instantly from the command-line.
Logging Select a location of your choice to log information about all the installed updates and the selected configuration. (Default: C:\Windows\Temp)
Configurable Update Types Include or exclude Optional updates or Service Packs or Drivers.
Portable No installation required.
Optional updatesm Install optional updates by parameter
Run hidden Launch the application hidden. (Optional)
Reboot Allow automatic rebooting when required by an update. (Optional)
Schedule Define dates on a per computer base on which it is allowed to install Windows updates. This can be useful when used with taskschedulers or System Management tools like Ivanti Automation Manager.
Update source Online Use the online Microsoft Update as a source.
Update source WSUS Use a managed Windows Update server on your LAN as a source.

– Compatible with Microsoft Windows 7/8/10/2008R2/2012R2/2016
– Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or higher required
– Computers with internet access to Microsoft Update (Optional)
– Computers with a configured Windows Update server (Optional)

Version: Required: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 OS: Win 7/8/10/2008R2/2016
Type: Command-line utility Download: zip-file Added: May 2016 Updated: Jun 2020 Usage: Free for personal and commercial use

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Version Download Help Download See the application help by launching the application. Download See the application help by launching the application.

ersion History

Application Update type Date Version Description
AWU-Installer New feature Jun-2020 Optional updates parameter added
AWU-Installer Updated Dec-2019 Year Time limitation removed
AWU-Installer Updated Dec-2019 Compatible up to Windows 2016
AWU-Installer New feature Dec-2019 Update size limitation can be disabled
AWU-Installer Updated Dec-2018 Valid up to end of 2019
AWU-Installer Updated Nov-2017 Valid up to end of 2018
AWU-Installer New Feature Jul-2017 Configurable Optional Updates/Service Packs/Drivers to include or exclude by settings file.
AWU-Installer Updated Jul-2017 Update limit removed
AWU-Installer Updated Dec-2016 Valid up to end of 2017
AWU-Installer Launch version May-2016 First Public version