App-V EndPointRM

App-V EndPointRM is a portable remote App-V tool which let you manage your Microsoft App-V 5.x Clients by WinRM. The scope of this tool is Microsoft Application Virtualization 5.x environments which run App-V clients standalone or in a Full infrastructure configuration.
This remote App-V Managment tool contains several features like adding packages,publishing (global),synchronize, quick repairing of packages and groups, watch the Usage of all the App-V Packages and Groups.
All tasks will be applied directly to the App-V Clients, all with a good overview. The GUI has 4 different viewpoints, 2 for packages and 2 for the Connection Groups which give you access to the same data from other viewpoints. This remote App-V tool comes currently in one version which is named the “Free Edition”, it supports a maximum of 15 (New Remote App-V Clients concurrently to do your App-V Remote Management.


How To Start Multiple Packages Single Package Virtual Processes
Mount Group Publish Package Usage View Sync Pub. Servers


Package View Virtual Processes Add Multiple Packages
App-V EndPointRM - Remote Virtual App-V Processes
Package Client View Group View Log

Versions and Properties:

Remote Features and Properties Free Edition
Clients – Client settings – Overview [Yes]
Clients – Eventlog & Info Direct Access [Yes]
Clients – Sync with App-V Publishing servers Global [Yes]
Clients – Simple Adding [Yes]
Clients – Manage Client Concurrency [Yes]
Groups – Mount/Stop/Remove [Yes]
Groups – Publish/Unpublish Global [Yes]
Groups – Repair Global [Yes]
GUI – Multiple Views [Yes]
Packages – Add single or multiple packages [Yes]
Packages – Mount/Stop/Remove [Yes]
Packages – Publish/Unpublish Global [Yes]
Packages – Repair Global [Yes]
Virtual Processes – View & Stop [Yes]
Usage – Central Overview App-V Usage [Yes]
Agent Access WinRM (Powershell Remote) configuration required/no additional client components needed on the remote clients. (see the Help-page)
Limitation – Total Clients A Maximum of 15 (New Remote App-V Clients concurrently
Limitation – Load/Save Client List [No]
Portable application [Yes]
Scope Global Published Packages and Groups only
Usage Scope Free for personal and commercial use

– Compatible with Microsoft App-V Client 5.1 HF1/HF2/HF3 ( (New
– Compatible with Microsoft App-V Client 5 SP2/SP3
– Compatible with target platform x86 and x64.
– Requires Microsoft Active Directory.
– Requires WinRM access configured. (Powershell Remote)
– Requires screen resolution of 1280 x 1024 or higher.
– Requires Administrator privileges on the local computer.

Version: Required: AD, WinRM access, .NET Framework 4.5, Powershell 3.0, App-V/RDS clients with 5.0SP2/SP3/5.1 & HF1/HF2/HF3
OS: Windows 7/2008R2/8/8.1/10 Type: GUI-utility Download: zip-file Added since: Dec 2015 Usage: See versions and properties table

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Version Download Help
Free Edition Download Click the following Link for the online help page
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ersion History

Application Update type Date Version Description
App-V EndPointRM Added May-2016 Up to 15 clients concurrently
App-V EndPointRM Added May-2016 Compatible App-V Client 5.1 HF2/HF3 (
App-V EndPointRM Added Dec-2015 Compatible App-V Client 5.1 HF1 (
App-V EndPointRM Fix Dec-2015 Close virtual processes
App-V EndPointRM Updated Nov-2015 GUI Improvement Add Multiple Package/Usage View
App-V EndPointRM Fix Nov-2015 Client Settings button disabled/Sync Task log modified
App-V EndPointRM Updated/Fix Nov-2015 Sync with Publishing Servers modified Message/Authentication/Logging
App-V EndPointRM Launch version Nov-2015 Free Edition First Public version