Text Compare

Text Compare

Text Compare is an application which let you compare all kind of text files. Think about comparing ini, txt, html and xml files. This utility will mark all the differences (lines) by color in a bidirectional way.

Scope of this utility:
– Mark differences between textbased files. (bidirectional)
– Quickly filter new lines, modified lines, copied lines and moved lines.
– Detect textfile encoding differences.

– Mark different lines by color.
– Show counters of new, moved and copied lines.
– Show encoding format of the selected files.
– Synchronized scrolling. New
– Command line support. New
– Remember Window State. New
– Supports drag & drop of files within the GUI.
– Open your files directly from the GUI to edit it with a text editor.
– Different comparing methods to show only the differences between the text files, or only show new & changed lines or moved & copied lines.
– No installation required.
– Free utility.

Application makes use of a settings file in the same location as the application executable. No registry keys are used.

Version: Required: Microsoft .NET Framework 4 OS: Windows XP/7/2003/2008 Type: GUI-utility
Download: zip-file Added: May 2015 Usage: Free for personal and commercial use

Version History

Application Update type Date Version Description
Text Compare Added Feature May-2015 Command line support
Text Compare Added Feature May-2015 Synchronized scrolling
Text Compare Added Feature May-2015 Remember Window state
Text Compare Bug fix Sept 2014 1.0.1 screensize problems on 125%.
Text Compare New application Apr 2014 1.0.0 New application Text Compare